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Aluminum Supplies, Fabrication & Manufacturing

Evamaur Products is an Aluminium supplier, fabrication and manufacturing company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We supply our products to a wide variety of customers.

We have run a successful business for over 40 years. We are proudly Australian Citizens and have been situated on the Sunshine Coast for the past 25 years.

Being the Leaders in the Industry, we don't follow, we Lead. We not only identify the Market, and Consumers, needs and requirements, we produce products that meet these needs and requirements.

In the past we have designed and/or developed a number of products - namely:

  • Exigril Security Grille - keyless emergency opening system.
  • Autogril - Electronically operated Exigril.
  • Glide Rite - Automatic Door Closer.
  • MO Insert - Multi Optional Insert for installing Stainless Steel Mesh
     to off the shelf Aluminium Door and Window Frames.
  • Slide Rite - Double Sliding Security Grille system.
  • Combo Doors - Providing ventilation and security with only one door.
  • Notching Tool - For fitting Triple Locks to Doors on site.
  • Krimprite Crimping Machine Replaces Drilling and Riveting.
  • View Rite - Security Doors and Screens.
  • Safe Rite - A new generation of opening security products, the like
     of which have never been seen in the industry before.
  • Tool Rite - A unique tooling system

We don't only offer, we give, First Class Service and advice coupled with Honesty and Integrity.

Evamaur Products - Mission

  • To provide improved and safer products to the Consumer
  • To increase product range
  • To improve and streamline Production
  • Adapt and evolve continually to stay in the forefront
  • Produce products that surpass all standards and certifications
  • Generate opportunities for your business
  • Provide the Customer with more effective and efficient products
  • Produce "Stand Alone" products with no add ons
  • Competitiveness