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Krimprite - Added security to your Doors and Windows

Security Door and Window Manufacturing. The revolutionary system of fabricating security door and window grilles.

Slash your production costs with the all-new Krimprite!

This superior method of fabrication requires no drilling or riveting, enabling increased productivity and extraordinary reductions in manufacturing costs, delivering a stronger, more durable product, rendering traditional fabrication methods obselete.

Patent No. 2003100440

Krimprite - Added security to your Doors and Windows

Krimprite's features and benefits:


  • Surpasses Australian Standard #5041
  • Easy and Safe to operate
  • Quick/Simple pneumatic control
  • Foot pedal operated
  • Red dot Laser sighted for quick and accurate centering
  • Extendible rollers for wide products
  • Adjustable conveyor arms catering for different frame styles
  • Adjustable backstops to suit all door/window frames
  • Adjustable conveyor heights


  • Increased Production
  • 2 seconds per krimp compared to 10 seconds per rivet
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Finished Product far strong than rivet assembled security screens
  • Elimination of rivets and drill bits resulting in huge cost savings
  • No more drill/rivet gun maintenance
  • Health and Safety issues improved due to cleaner work environment
  • No RSI (prevents Repetitive Strain Injury)

Technical Data

Machine Dimentions

  • Overall Height - 1330 mm
  • Working Height - 1240 mm
  • Overall Length - 3820 mm
  • Overall Width - 570mm
  • Rollers (max extensions) - 1350mm (wide)


  • Foot Pedal Control
  • Cylinder - 80mm bore x 50mm stroke
  • Water trap/regulator lubricator
  • Operating Pressure - +/- 70psi

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