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Evamaur Products Testimonials

We use and recommend only the View Rite Stainless Steel Mesh system in all of our Stainless Steel Security products.

Window Security Screens
Cyclone Debris Screens - Fitted to Electrical Sub Stations

These are the products we use.

  • Safe Rite systems
  • Slide Rite systems
  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Combination Doors
  • Fixed screens
  • Cyclone Debri screens

Wayne Mcgrath,
Business Owner / Manager
Gess Super Screens

We have tried your Safe Rite and Slide Rite windows security screen, and have appreciated the simplicity and versatility of the systems.

The main benefits of the systems are summarizable into:

  1. simple design, which allows the fabricator to stock an extremely limited volume of raw materials and to save time in assembling the finished products. This translates into huge savings, thus allowing to be extremely competitive on the market;
  2. versatility of both systems, which allows to be retrofitted on a huge variety of different configurations and according to individual needs;
  3. simplicity of operation, which allows the user to feel safe in his/her environment, knowing that, in case of emergency, he/she can safely escape from the room through the window.

We have tried many different infill options, and we have achieved good results with most type and brands, however, outstanding outcomes have been achieved by using the View Rite® range.

We therefore don't hesitate in recommending to anyone View Rite® , to obtain the best results.

Congratulation for your brilliant products.

Sincerely yours
Luigi Barosso
LB Industries

Front Door Security Screen

Good view security screen