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Slide Rite - Multi Sliding Window Security System

The Slide Rite is a very versatile multi Sliding Security Screen System that fits all types, and makes, of windows. It also has a Reversible Interlock which enables one to fit numerous grilles in one track, and lock up to 4 grilles with only one lock. The Slide Rite also has a special plastic slide that enables the grilles to slide back and forth, or up and down, and does not run on wheels. The descent on Double Hung windows can be determined by the way the slide is fitted to the Grille, and this can be controlled, so as to prevent it from crashing down as it would do if on wheels.

The Double Slide Track is symmetrical about the centre line for simplicity of fabrication.

The Slide Rite can be fitted externally on Sliding and Double Hung windows and internally fitted (reveal fitted) on all Casement, Double Hung and Hopper windows.

The Slide Rite can take 7mm Grille, Small Diamond, Stainless Steel and many other infills. Depending on the infill our Grip Rite which is an infill adaptor separating the infill from the aluminium.

For all security we recommend the deep receiver door and window frame.

The ONLY system in the market place with controlled descent on Double Hungs.

Slide Rite Security Screen with Grille

Slide Rite's features and benefits:


  • Easy Fabrication
  • Australian Standard Compliant
  • Reversible Interlocks
  • Multi sliding panels
  • Unique Plastic Slide


  • Available in KDC or Stick Lengths
  • Serveries and/or Fire Egress
  • Many lock options
  • Assortment of Infills
  • Descent control on Double Hung windows

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